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Life Coaching

Rediscover joy--the fuel you need for your best life. Find the clarity to make great decisions, whether large or small. Create the courage to go for your big dreams.

Work with
Coach Kathy,
and create joy, clarity, and courage

Want to make changes in your life? But maybe you're afraid it's going to be awful. Nope.


Actually, the more play and joy you create in your life, the easier it is to make that big life change or decision. With more joy, you have the fuel you need to make changes and decisions that work for you.

This is not about acting happy when you're not, (toxic positivity begone), but about finding what makes you happy, and fills you up. Then you have the energy to make good changes.

I want you to have the clarity to make great decisions, the courage to follow through, and the joy to fuel your best life.

Work with me to uncover and create your juicy life.

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Meet Kathy, 
Playful Life Coach

Kathy is a book lover and enthusiastic amateur photographer who has an extra scoop of wanderlust in her outdoorsy heart.


She’s a speaker, author, certified Martha Beck Life Coach, and a connoisseur of fair-trade dark chocolate.


Find her at

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