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Kathy Oppegard is a great coach -- she's a natural at it. Her upbeat enthusiasm makes coaching enjoyable and easy. I've been able to make subtle but powerful shifts in dealing with people, some of whom I've known all my life!

She's a great listener and offers really helpful suggestions for noticing patterns in one's life, and how to change them.

Modelling a Dress


Kathy asks thought-provoking questions, listens attentively and gives superb insight. She has helped me develop action plans and has shown me specific techniques that would help me carry out the plans on my own. As a result, my entire family will be spending a summer in Guatemala attending a language school, living with a host family, and experiencing a different culture.


Kathy is such a positive coach and strives to help people see the greatness they are capable of, and then helps them get there. I have found a new inner peace from living life in a very purposeful way! 

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Kathy is a fantastic life coach! I didn't know what to expect when we began working together because I was unfamiliar with life coaching. But, after the first session, I was happy with the way she helped me address issues in my life that were making me unhappy and I knew I wanted to continue the process. With her help I was able to address both big and small sources of stress and anxiety in my life and develop clear, concrete steps to deal with the problems.


If you want a coach who is on your side and will help you ask difficult questions in a guided, compassionate way, Kathy is the best.

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I am a leader of an organization, I despise conflict, and I have confidence issues.
Kathy helped me figure out why I was insecure and helped me deal with gaining confidence so that I could confront the business and personal worlds more effectively. She also took me into a "deep-dive session" where I discovered traumas from my childhood were affecting how I behaved in my adult life, which then helped me recognize why I was feeling inadequate and very sensitive about various topics. I feel like I have found some answers, and I will forever be thankful to Kathy for that. 
I highly recommend her services!

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Working with Kathy has been wonderful! Following treatment for a life changing illness, I found my world turned upside down. Both my body and my brain were changed and challenged. Following my rehabilitation, it was hard to know where to turn next. Kathy selects and paces her coaching tools to mesh with how my brain is functioning each session. Her teaching is clear, has visual or kinesthetic cues to anchor the techniques and is always mindful of my needs.


I especially like how she has helped me move from the fog of, “I really would like to do something about that . . . .” to concrete action steps that my brain can manage. Prior to Kathy’s coaching I felt as if I was battling my own brain. Now that I have tools for more effective pacing and decision making, my brain is so much happier, and so am!!

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Kathy made coaching sessions fun! When she says, “Let your playful mind work on a problem,” she brings some serious experience and a variety of solid tools to help do that. I appreciated how quick she was to pick up on something I said and offer a relevant analogy and teach me a tool to develop positive habits of mind and relish my choices.

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