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How to Restore Your Energy & Enthusiasm During Challenging Times 

This is a coaching program for people who are tired. Worn down and feeling flat. This is a
simple program to restore your energy and enthusiasm. Once you're feeling energized again,
you can use that to change the things you want to change—both in your own life and in the

• Take 2 months to shift into your energized and enthusiastic self.
• Understand simple strategies you can use to renew your energy.

We'll build on three elements in the Zest Program: Body, Mind & Emotions


Learn how to use your body's wisdom to make excellent decisions that work for you, and help you decrease stress. Choose the things that nourish you and watch your life shift.

Friends at the Beach
Listening to Music


Understand how your mind can trip you up, but also be a powerful tool to point you right towards your dreams. Learn simple thought work tools that will help you let go of old, crampy thoughts that are holding you up and stressing you out.


Learn how emotions can carry messages that are here to help us. Understand how to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of strong emotions
with more grace.

Through the Zest Coaching Program,
you'll learn:

  • Quick mini-strategies to use in the moment to help you through a stressful experience.

  • Resilience boosters: How to sustain your energy over the long-term—your way.

  • How to have more fun, and more joy.

  • How to build enthusiasm—because enthusiasm is key to being yourself and doing your good work in the world. Enthusiasm for you may look like a quiet and powerful thing, or it may be energized and bouncing around.

Zest for life - let's get it for you!

6 Sessions (Phone or Zoom—your choice)
$850 (or two payments of $425)

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