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Introductory Session

You'd love to find out more about how to have more clarity and laughter in your life, and create more fuel for your dreams.

Want to chat with me and find out more? Here's a link to a free 30-minute call with me.


Life Coaching Package

12 Weeks to Change Your Life

  • Dive deep with one-to-one coaching conversations over 3 months.

  • Choose an area in your life (or get help choosing one), partner with Kathy, make big, juicy changes, and enjoy your success.

  • Create the joy, clarity, and courage to create your best life.

  • Make important decisions in your life with courage and confidence. (Waffling begone! :) )

  • Support for you with those sticky, tough situations.

  • Refill your cup and find your joy again. 

  • One-on-one personalized support (including emails) to make the changes you want, especially in one important part of your life where you are stuck or want to move forward.

  • Delicious “homework” to stretch your playful muscles.

    I warmly invite you to work with me. We'll dive in, have fun and you'll get to see and enjoy fresh success in your life.

$497/ month to a more joyful, fulfilling life

Don't see what you are looking for? 

Contact me directly for additional coaching options!

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